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Property and real estate holdings require constant attention to detail.

Real Estate Insurance

Property Management and real estate holdings require constant attention to detail. The professionals at Sullivan Group are uniquely suited to provide a customized risk management plan for your commercial and/or residential real estate. 

We understand that a stable insurance program is absolutely critical to your success.

Business and individuals with real estate interests can count on Sullivan Group to provide guidance with:

  • Exposure identification, risk analysis, and risk reduction

  • Contractual Risk Transfer between owners, property managers, contractors, and tenants

  • Compliance with lender/mortgagee insurance requirements

  • Aggressive loss control and claims management services to help prevent and mitigate losses

  • Workers’ Compensation Experience Modification Rating and Analysis

  • Specialized coverage for real estate development, or renovation projects, and/or vacant buildings

  • Selection of appropriate Deductible Retention Levels

  • Up to date Building-Replacement Cost Valuations

  • Historic Rehabilitation Tax Credit insurance

  • Evaluation of new flood zone maps and regulations, and the need for Elevation Certificates

  • Difference in Conditions (DIC), including Flood and Earthquake coverage

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